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Sable Marco is a manufacturer of various bagged products intended for construction, residential and commercial repair. Our company built a solid reputation over the years in the preparation and bagging of a vast line of products such as concrete and mortar mix, polymeric sand, decorative stones, top soil, compost, salt and ice melters...

Our Products

Marcel Briere founded the company in 1979. In the beginning, the company started the manufacturing activities by sifting sand for use in the sandblasting industry, and delivered its products directly to customers. While this segment of the production remained strong, the company added recycled glass (Glass-Blast) to its product mix, and began selling these to recognized auto parts dealers and distributors across eastern Canada.

Sable Marco was incorporated in 1988 and, due to the ever increasing demand from Hardware, Building Materials, and Garden centres for pre-mix products, more additions were made to the product line-up to be sold through the hardware trade, home improvement retailers, building materials dealers and distributors, garden centres, landscape supplies, Brick and Paver yards and auto parts distributors and dealers..

The company continues to innovate and grow its market share in eastern Canada and Eastern United States through the latest introduction of Anti-skid and Extreme ice melters, the new generation of the first "All-in-one" EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand for pavers and flagstones.


Sable Marco now has the ability to bag any type of bulk products practically with the various equipment . Paper (valve bags) sizes up to 40kg, plastic or even of jute. Certain products can be bagged in large "Super Bags" of 1000 to 1500 kg (2200 - 3300 lb.). We can also supply the skids/pallets. Custom pallet wrapping and delivery can be arranged as well.

Our Services

  • Evolution Polymeric Sand

    The only sand you'll ever need.... [ ++ ]


    The 'Pot Hole' season is back. The appropriate remedy to the situation is our cold asphalt patch. For more information on this product, please contact us. ... [ ++ ]

  • Marco ice melter pet safe

    The Marco pet safe ice melter is an ice melter carefully formulated for the safety and welfare of your pets. Our pet safe does not contain salt or chloride, whi... [ ++ ]

  • Winter 2017-2018 products

    Winter is coming...don't forget to contact us about our range of ice melters, anti-skid and salt products.... [ ++ ]

  • Products Categories

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete Mix, Cement, Mortar Mix & Parging
  • Concrete Tubes
  • Glass Blast & Sand Blast
  • HORTI+ Gardening
  • Ice Melter & Anti Skid
  • Polymeric Sand & Stone Dust
  • Sand
  • Stones

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