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The company continues to innovate and grow its market share in eastern Canada and Eastern United States through the latest introduction of Anti-skid and Extreme ice melters and its new generation of the first "All-in-one" EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand for pavers and flagstones.


Sable Marco with its multiple equipment can bag practically any matter in bulk. We can make formats going until 40kg, out of bag of paper, plastic or even of jute. Certain products can be bagged in large bags of 1000 to 1500 kg. We can also take care of the pallets, the plastic packing of pallets of your choice and even of the parcel delivery.

Contact us for more details.


The Marco Tech + "Super Sacs" help reduce trash, empty paper bags. Avoid time wasted, improve productivity with Marco Tech + Hoppers and the 1500 kg (3300 lb.) Super Sacs. (non-refundable)

They are delivered to the distributor or the work site.


Avoid time wasted, improve productivity with MarcoTech+ Hopper service. They are delivered to the distributor or the work site as required.

Dimensions (specs) for delivery of the only version currently available.:

  • Height: 2m 40 (96")
  • Width: 2m 70 (108")
  • Weight empty: 400 kg (882 lb.)
  • Bottom mouth opening: 42,5 cm (17")
  • Lower wind protector height: 75 cm (30")
  • 4 ajustable legs
  • Maximum Capacity: 4500 kg (9900 lb)

Sable Marco owns a fleet of trucks and trailers for it's delivery service throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario. From flat beds 4 axle trailers, B-trains closed vans "Dry box" to 4 axle bulk trailers. Please call Martine Boileau at Customer service toll free 1-866-999-4509.

  • Evolution Polymeric Sand

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  • Marco ice melter pet safe

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  • Winter 2017-2018 products

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  • Concrete Tubes
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  • Ice Melter & Anti Skid
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